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Harrison Wiesert

I am an advertising Strategist that loves to ask questions. I enjoy learning new things. I enjoy conversations about ontological ideologies, science, video games, or anything that my friends are passionate about. I believe that we are teaching or learning when we communicate with others. This philosophy has made me appreciate all the information people are willing to share with me. My favorite books are "Something Deeply Hidden" by Shawn Carrol, "Galileo's Error" by Philip Goff, "Lifespan" by David A. Sinclair, and "The Future of Humanity" by Michio Kaku.
All these books have helped me attempt to create an objective view of reality. Reality is like a painting, the more we understand how the painting was made the more we can appreciate its existence. This belief gives me motivation to share my knowledge and gives me inspiration to learn from others.

I Am: About Me
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